About Us

TNTEU International Journal of Educational Research (TNTEUIJER) is a double blind peer reviewed Quarterly journal. TNTEUIJER is owned by Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. TNTEUIJER deals with researches in education related to Pedagogical subjects, Correlates of Achievements, Psychological and Sociological relations to Education at the level of schools, colleges and Universities.It is a Journal published in four issues per year, datelined January - March, April - June, July - September and October - December. Each issue contains about 15 articles.We publish special sections and rapid response articles, Seminar, Conference and workshop papers which relate to key issues in the public interest.The soft copy of the article will be delivered through email.

TNTEU International Journal of Educational Researchis an open access journal. TNTEUIJERmakes readers aware of the changes happening in higher education and society as well as in research. Our journal helps in delivering the publication to the quick reach of our readers.All of our published authors control the copyrights to their published articles in TNTEUIJER. Others who wish to reprint anything they see in this journal should contact the original author directly for permission. When referencing any published articles from this Journal, please credit TNTEUIJER as the original publisher and include the URL of the TNTEUIJER publication in your credits and citations.